Friday, September 3, 2010

Washing Hands

soap, water, paper towel.

1. Turn the tap anti-clockwise so the water can come out.

2. Wet your hands with warm or cold water.

3. Add soap to your hands.

4. Rub both hands together.

5. Cover all the soap on your hand and fingers.

6. Clean at the back of your hands too.

7. Run your hands under the water.

8. Dry your hands on a paper towel


You should wash your hands because your hands might pass an illness and cause problem for others as public health is important.


  1. You have written a clear and detailed set of instructions for washing your hands Lee :)

    I can see that you have a good understanding of procedural writing by the way you have set this out with a numbered sequence of easily understandable instructions.

    Thanks for sharing this with us :)

  2. Nice job Lee,
    Now I'll remember to use water and soap not just water.