Monday, July 11, 2011


This term in rm7 we are learning how to do a collage art work,This is my Art work its the first experiencing this type of art work.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Floating and Sinking

This is my new topic for this term. I have
been learning about Sinking and
Floating. As you can see in the picture there
are things that can float and can sink.

Court Issue lee

No the court should not be closed at morning tea and lunchtime. I would
never have a place to play in. The field is to muddy also the
park is to slippery and wet.
The court is like my territory to me and it’s my number one place where I
play touch .
If court is closed then I will be walking around or being difficult or just disturbing people playing.


Reflection lee

In writing today
I learnt how to find information from the my story about if Mrs Tui should
close the court or not close the court. This was a persuasive writing activity
for my group. I had to write the action in my story and