Friday, November 19, 2010

Amazing Room 6

Room 6 students were amazed when they entered Sylvia Park Hoyt's Cinemas extreme screen.

St Pius students were sitting on a Lazy boy, Room 6 looked very relaxed. Soon the lights went down and St Pius was screaming hard. The movie had started. All Manaiakalani schools were there.

Now the first movie had finished, Room6 was really excited. When St Pius’ movie showed Room 6 students were screaming hard.

It came to an end and St Pius X was yawning because of the movies had tired them out and the comfortable chairs.

St Pius X jumped on the bus and headed back to school. The next day came Room6 students were doing writing about the experience. Mrs G got a massage from Mrs Gleeson she said that St Pius was the best out all of the films. Room 6 students screamed very loud everyone was very happy and proud.

The highlight for Room 6 was having the message from Mrs Gleeson that St Pius was the best film.